Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kiddie Mosh Pit

When I first started this Stay at Home Dad gig, The Talker was 8 months old. The boy and I would make weekly jaunts to the coolest bookstore in town to catch story time with Miss Staci. And almost 4 years later, we are still following Miss Staci around town. Today we caught her story time at The Austin Children's Museum.

Her songs are the part that keep the kids coming back for more. And today we bought a copy of her debut album, The Big Bubble Be Bop. The Talker is already on his third listen to the new CD.

Anyways, today, when she sang her title song, Miss Staci had a bubble machine that was going at full speed. All of the kids tried to cram into a 10 square foot area where the bubbles were landing. It was pretty funny to see. Since The Princess was one of the smallest ones in the mix, I was anxious to make sure none of the other kids decided to let her body surf overhead.

After the chaos ended, we headed over to the museum store to buy the album. We came back later for Miss Staci to autograph it for us.


Anonymous said...

When we used to go to storytime, the lady would use the Gymboree blower and bubble solution and walk around the room. This way there were a ton of tiny little bubbles....AND the kids were able to stay near their parents (for the most part) instead of having to follow her around. I so LOVED storytime!

KC said...

Looking at the lyrics on that lady's website .. whoo, it sounds like something I wouldn't want to hear too many times ;)

Mike said...

Her songs aren't any worse than any other kid's singer. And better than a lot of them.

At least her stuff is original and she is alot easier on the eyes than Dorothy the Dinosaur.