Monday, August 28, 2006

I always miss out on all of the fun

I left the kids with The Boss Lady at her office on Thursday afternoon as I headed home for a funeral. I arrived at Mom and Dad's 3 hours later with no hassles. After the visitation on Thursday night, I ended up talking with an old college buddy until 4 a.m.

Lucky for us KB brought breakfast by. Unluckily, he brought it at 8 a.m. After the funeral KB three of our college buddies and me visited until after dinner time. It was a nice reunion, 11 years too late. We hooted and hollered enough at the barbecue place that I think we scared the locals. And we swore an oath that it will not take death or 11 years for us to gather again.

Back at home The Boss Lady was dealing with a campus wide power outage and fire alarms that would not stop ringing - so therefore the students were all outside for 30 minutes. All while she and The Princess were sitting at the pediatrician's office, 25 miles away.

Friday night The Princess decided to take mommy on a field trip and they headed to the Children's hospital ER, thanks to a high fever. The Mother of the Bride was here with The Talker, so at least he was able to sleep through the trip.

All of that to figure out later on our own that The Princess might have chicken pox.

Anyways, when I got home and started telling stories of my weekend, The Boss Lady has banished me from leaving town again. Especially if someone dies.

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