Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stop thief!

I am quickly growing convinced that someone has boosted our portable DVD player from the car. I have turned the house, car and garage upside down looking for it this morning. We don't use it often and it is usally crammed under one of the front seats in my car.

But this morning I was setting up the car for our quick road trip and I can't find the DVD player anywhere. I let the kids use it one afternoon last week when we were out running errands and had to skip naptime. Since then, dunno.

If you have any leads, call the police. Or Crimestoppers.

After all, this is Texas. A thief could probably get The Chair for stealing a kid's DVD player right before a road trip.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Have you tried all possible places? When you have, then calling a police to investigate could be the best solution. Provided that you have exerted all your efforts in finding that DVD player.

Best of luck!