Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Superman slept here

For the past month or so The Princess has been calling her big brother Superman. But mostly when he is asleep in his room. She seldom says it when he is in earshot. Not that he would mind. The boy thinks super heros are super duper cool. And anyone that thinks he might be one is alright by him.

Since The Princess wakes up most mornings before him, I get to hear "Daddy, Superman is asleep. Let's go wake him up" five times a week. But this afternoon, Superman took the blame for a wet spot on the tile.

While big bro was still napping, The Princess told me "Daddy, Superman wet my pants." I looked up and saw the tell-tale wet spot and the puddle on the floor. But I wasn't fooled. After all, don't you think Superman would have super bladder strength? He would be able to hold it for days and days....

It is just too bad she was wearing Superman's cowboy boots when the second spontaneous potty break of the day occurred.

Maybe I'll just tell Superman to avoid his cowboy boots for a few days, since someone spilled liquid kryptonite in them.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I thought Superman lived in MY house! Actually....my little guy called himself "SOUP-MAN".
Good luck with that potty-training too!