Sunday, July 30, 2006

What a great loss!

This afternoon The AtHomeFamily headed out to the ballpark to watch some AAA Minor League Baseball. It was sure to be an exciting night, because the kids got free backpacks and the team was letting kids under 12 run around the bases after the game.

We got there early because the team has bouncers, ponies and lots of activities for kids before Sunday games. And The Talker is still stalking his favorite player for an autograph. His glove has three more autographs, now. Taylor Buckholz signed the glove and a ball that a stadium staffer had given the boy earlier. Roberto Giron signed the glove AND gave the boy a ball that he then autographed. And Jason Hirsch signed the glove of fame, too. But still no Jesse Garcia.

During the third inning, the Manager, Jackie Moore got thrown out of the game along with 4 players. No fight, just lots of mouthing off and bad officiating. Jesse Garcia and Humberto Quintero, got tossed first. Then Joe McEwing got thrown out less than 20 minutes after he came in to cover for Garcia. Brooks Conrad got sent to the showers after that.

The game was pretty much a loss after that. The Express did not even have enough men left to field a Designated Hitter, so we got to witness a rare occurrence, pitchers having to DH for themselves and in the bottom of the 9th, we even saw a pitcher have to pinch hit. JR House, a catcher, started at first and ended up playing 2nd, even though he had never played that position before.

Somewhere in the middle of the chaos, the kids went to the play area and bounced and played on the playscape behind the outfield wall. The Boss Lady and I were selected to go onto the field and compete head to head in the Dizzy Bat Race. She won the t-shirt. I wanted to barf. But that might have just been the nachos and jalepenos I ate in the 4th inning.

And after the 7th inning stretch, The Talker almost caught a freebie ball. It bounced out of his hand and rolled into the aisle in front of us. A little kid, maybe 8 or 9 years old, dove over the row of seats to grab the ball. And then he really surprised us when he turned and gave the ball to The Talker. Then like a flash, he was gone, before we could really thank him.

Good times.

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