Saturday, July 01, 2006

Carnival Fun

Friday night the whole family loaded up and went to a Vacation Bible School carnival at a neighbor's church. It was awesome.

Our church does lots of big things that end up costing lost of $$$, either for the church or the participants. Loads of people come to the fun stuff and hopefully they learn something about the church in the mean time. Good times for the family for sure.

But this is a smaller church in an older neighborhood. So they threw a good ole' carnival. College kids, teens and older adults set up games on folding tables. Every kid got to pick a prize after every game. Face painting and several bouncers were waiting for anyone to come. A couple of the teens were walking their goats on leashes around for the kids to pet. They also had a high-schooler do a one man, 8 character play that he wrote.

Hot dogs, sodas and nachos were fifty cents. Burgers and sausage wraps were $.75. Popsicles were a dime and watermelon was free. How can you not have fun at a place that gives you free watermelon? And nothing had more than a few kids in line.

The kids got home worn out, with lots of trinkets and prizes. And The Boss and I were thrilled to have been invited to such a fun event for the family. Especially since we played and fed the entire family with the change in her purse.


Anonymous said...

How FUN! I wish they'd have something like that around here. Those are the kind of memorable events kids take on into adulthood...Glad everyone had a blast!

Mike said...

It was a blast. And you are right. I still remember lots of stuff like this from my childhood.

But that wasn't toooooooo long ago.