Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Where does it hurt? Everywhere

Monday afternoon I had my second appointment with a fitness trainer at the YMCA. I am hoping complete this 6 week program and to not be as much of a lazy slob as I was a month ago. I don't have goal to lose a certain number of pounds, but I am sure that after this program I will be in better shape and hopefully have more energy to play with the kids all day.

The trainer had me go through half of the resistance machines in the gym. I have avoided these contraptions since joining the Y, because I don't want to hurt myself by using one of them wrong.

So it was great to have a trainer helping me get each machine set up properly and to make sure I was using them safely and correctly. And that is just what he did. He even wrote down all of the settings for me, so that I can replicate the proper form on my own. But you know what? Even though I was doing everything right, I think I broke something. Every muscle is aching 40 hours later.

And I really hate pain. Maybe my fat and I can just make a deal. I won't hurt it any more and it won't bring over more of it's friends to hang out.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about joining the YMCA in August. Is it worth it? How long do you spend working out? How often? I was also thinking about joining that women's psuedo-gym that has a 30 minute workout (you know which one I'm talking about) just to get used to working out before I go out in REAL public to work out. How anal is that?

Anonymous said...

I did a circuit training class on Monday and my thighs have been killing me the past two days. It hurts to walk, so I feel your pain - literally

Mike said...


I understand. I don't think I would ever work out in a gym like Gold's for the same reasons. I would never feel comfortable with a bunch of bodybuilders around.

We have been thrilled with the Y. Ours cost $150 to join and $75 a month for the family. But we get to use any of the Y's in the area.

If you do it, see if they have s FitStart program. It has been a great starting point for me.

So far I have been hitting a treadmill or exercise bike 3xs a week for30-45 minutes. With the weights, I'll be starting with them 2xs a week, later I'll try 3xs a week.

If I can move then.