Friday, July 07, 2006

It's the end of vacation as we know it...

The Boss Lady will be working 4-10 hour day weeks for the rest of the summer. During her one week off this summer we did not make any special trips or do anything too exciting. Which may make it one of the best summer breaks we have had in years.

We hit the YMCA pool a lot this week. Both grandmas and one grandpa came to visit. And the cars got washed. That sums the week up nicely.

Nothing too exciting, but we all got a lot of rest this week. And that made for a good summer break.


Darth Daddy said...

Dude - that's so where Im at too! The wife is teaching summer skool to some special ed kids - each day for about 2-3 hours. It's enough to keep money flowing in, but also puts the screws to any travel/camping plans.

KC said...

I like to avoid big trips, but it looks like the wife has arranged to be off later this month so we can take a Big Drive To Houston to see family for about a week... ;)

Be happy you didn't have to take one.

Mike said...

I like road trips.

That I plan, that I drive, that I control the AC and the stereo, that I decide when and where I stop for gas/food/potty breaks/sleep.

Other people are allowed, they just should abide by my decisions. And I don't like road trips that end in a week with family.

No more of those until the kids aregrown and gone I suppose.