Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Big beds for big boys

Though it will never be as un cluttered as the one above, The Talker is getting a new bed. A bunkbed like the one in the picture, but no drawers underneath.

A friend of My So Called Aunt tried to sell them in her garage sale. We found out about them a few days after that and the kids and I went out to look the bed over yesterday. Ironically, one of my stay at home dad friends lives in that neighborhood and contemplated buying the bed at the garage sale. Lucky for The Talker, he passed.

Now we just have to figure out a way to get this big thing home. THIS would be a great time for that half assembled truck in the driveway to be up and running. Maybe next weekend The Talker will be getting to crash on his new bed. By then I should be able to borrow a whole truck from someone...

Anyone want to start a betting pool to see how long until he crashes OUT of his new bed?


Anonymous said...

very cool bed! The Talker's a lucky kid. My kids have both been in top bunks and they never once fell out; having a railing on the side is part of the secret I think.

Mike said...

The bed He is getting has alonger side rail than the one in the picture, so it should keep him in place.

Now, when The Princess decides to KNOCK him off of the bed? I don't know if there is a rail long enough to keep him in place

Anonymous said...

I totally LOVE that bunkbed setup! The Talker is gonna have a blast making forts and all that. Cool!