Monday, July 10, 2006

The Princess speaks:

Two statements I just heard come out of our 2 year old's mouth.

"Hold still while I cut you with my knife."

Luckily she was playing with a wooden toy knife but I I am not sure what the Hot Wheel did to deserve a slicing.

And then 10 seconds later she took off running, without the knife, and screamed:

"I am going CRAZY! AAAAAAAAAAhhhhh!" Then came the evil laugh. ""Mwaah Haa Haaaaaa."

I am not sure what that pizza did to her, but just to be safe I think we will lay off of the extra cheese next time.


Anonymous said...

Sounds just like her Daddy that I know and cherish! I was hoping she would take after Mom, but that hope is slowly fading as we speak....

Mike said...

A little bit more every day, brother.

Anonymous said...

Well, you better start saving up for a VW Bug 'cause she's going to be needing one to get around town in!