Saturday, July 29, 2006


That you can cram a queen sized futon mattress into three 33 gallon trash bags after you cut it up with a razor knife?

When we brought home The Talker's bunkbeds, one of our cats decided that the smell of the last family's cat needed to be dealt with. So he (or she, but probably he...)peed right in the middle of the queen sized futon mattress on the lower bunk. Nice!

The futon has been waiting to meet it's fate since then. And this afternoon I sliced and diced that stinky son of a gun into pieces. Now I have to go make nice with the home improvement king down the street. If he won't let me use his dumpster, maybe I'll just drive it to KB's house and throw the three chunks of stank over his back fence.


Chip said...

yuck! Reminds me of a story involving a cat and a bed I'll have to blog about sometime. Anyway, impressive that you actually cut the futon up with a knife! BTW, what exactly is inside of a futon. We have a couple and I've always wondered about that.

Mike said...

I look forward to that story.

Inside a futon? There was a layer of egg-crate foam covered in 2 layers of 2 or 3 inches of cotton batting. All sewn and zipped into a cotton cover.

Now you know.

And now I know that the smell wasn't EVER going away. But the cat might if he pulls that stunt again.

Rick said...

Be proactive. Lose the cat now.

Anonymous said...

Hey, for I forget...Your old futon now has moved to the Robbey and Dani's lakehouse in Navorro Mills. This would now mean you slept on it, I've slept on it, Hayden's slept on it (no crib for my boy!), and now Dawson sleeps on it! I guess I need to quit asking back for my Genesis tape now???