Sunday, July 02, 2006

You ladies better listen up...

Aww right Grandmas, listen here. The Talker just declared that he is wanting to live with his grandma. So you chicks better get some things straight if you want to be the lucky one. His requirements include:

She has a puppy named Navan Alazanna

She already has dinner

She does not like going to watch baseball games

She just likes going to basketball games

She lives in a little rock house with the same phone number and house number as ours (Don't get any ideas, ladies)

But her house is on a different street. (See I told you...)

She has snakes that will sting you

She took a picture of Lighting McQueen and all the characters at Disney (Score one for Dodie)

In a while me and my grandma are going to go walking with her walker (Another for Dodie)

She bought me a life with a sweet hole at Target so I can fly (OK, I'll quit letting him smoke pot before nap...)

My grandma will have a sick big white dog (Be careful, those things can get expensive!)

My grandpa did not get scratched by a motorcycle because his was slow and it had a sign that said no helmets allowed

She has wooden animals and a zoo pickup. It's a toy game that you roll the elephant to see where it lands on it's babies (Again, I'll cut out his dope before nap...)

She has a robot leg and now it is a bionic leg (Finally, one point for Mawmaw)

My grandma has avacados

I don't know her name. Her name is David. My grandpa has my new room set up there. They have all kinds of good snacks

They can say watermelon in Spanish

My grandma has a huge pool and go cart and a golf cart and kid newspapers. All good things

So Mother of the Bride and Queen Mother, settle it and tell us which one of you guys will be taking him and all of his stuff when you come to visit later in the week.

BTW, The Boss Lady will vouch for the above statements. I was typing as quick as he was talking...

Wow, I never knew I could type that fast!


Anonymous said...

I surrender, Mother of the Bride wins the Talker. I know I can't match up to his list.
Queen Mother

Mike said...

WOw, I never thought you would give up that quick.

That's my mom.

Quitter Quitter Mitten Knitter!