Monday, July 03, 2006

When is naptime?

The Boss Lady is off of work this week. So she is getting to spend some extra time with the kids and I am getting to spend some extra time without the kids. It works well for all of us.

While she is home I am trying to get a bunch of chores out of the way. Saturday I mowed the backyard with my new mower. But it looked like crap because I had not set one of the wheels properly. So this morning I mowed the whole yard, just to even things up.

Then I moved onto the cars. I got both washed, waxed and vacuumed. After cleaning out about 10 pounds of crunched up snacks from the back seats, I am ready to ban the kids form the cars. More likely I'll just ban snack. Or at least until our next road trip.

The only thing I finished inside the house today was getting The Talker's clock running on time. Since we brought it home, I had not gotten it adjusted properly. It is awesome to watch.

A more practical effort went into The Boss Lady's car. It got an oil change after I finished cleaning it up. This was the first time I have changed the oil in this car, so it went smoothly but took a lot longer than I expected, just to make sure I wasn't screwing anything up.

I planned to get some other stuff done today, but getting the cars cleaned up took a lot longer than I planned. Maybe I'll get to the other stuff on Wednesday.

But maybe not.


Anonymous said...

I said the same thing. With the wife home helping to watch him I'll be able to get all kinds of stuff done. Well, its Wednesday already, I've been watching the boy as much as usual and I haven't got jack shit done.

Happy Holiday!

Mike said...

Well, I have accomplished one thing in the last couple of days.

The house is clean. And I didn't do it. That is something, right?