Saturday, July 08, 2006

Awww, hell no...

We live on a cul-du-sac. Or in my hometown, a dead-end street. So we don't see much traffic in front of our house. But we have to still be careful when the kids play out front, because there is a blind curve 75 feet from our driveway.

Last night the whole family and Mother of the Bride were out front checking out the truck, when a jerk came flying around the inside corner of the curve, tires squealing and running about 60 mph. Knowing that grandma and the kids were out there with me, I chose not to scream the usual. "Slow the $*#&($ down, you stupid @#()*@#(*)%(@#*()$^@&*#%^()_)#$^()_%!"

Instead, I went with the multi-purpose, "Awww, hell no you didn't." The teen driver of the Honda Prelude turned at the circle, and was trying to decide if he wanted to park and deal with me or skip his pal's pool party next door. As I was walking out to his car to chat about my theory of not getting your ass kicked when driving in front of my house, he decide to skip the pool party, and our chat. So he drove back down the street. Slowly.

But I noticed something funny a few minutes later. Two of the party guests left in a 4 door Civic. As they hopped in the car the driver told his co-pilot, "Go get the biggest towel back there." And being a good co-pilot, he brought a HUGE towel back from the pool.

No surprise the 4 door was back in a few minutes. But this time instead of parking on the street, they drove into Wonder Woman's garage to unload Speed Racer, who was hiding in the back seat under the beach towel.

So I let go with another "Awww, hell no..." and I went to visit Speed Racer so that we could chat. We talked. They swam. They left in the Civic a few hours later.

And they drove slowly in front of our house.


Susan Godfrey said...

Don't you just hate that! We live in a very rural area, surrounded by corn fields. Unfortunately we live near the local HS beer drinking hideout so we sometimes have really loud traffic at all hours of the day and night. At least once a year, Marty has to go out and pull some idiot out of one of the bar ditches around our house.

jen said...

Good for you, AtHomeDaddy! Driving fast on a cul-du-sac is so dangerous! Dumb punks!

Mike said...

The one good thing abbout it is that it reminds me to be carful in the nieghborhood, too.

Darth Daddy said...

Wow - at least they feared enough to try to "sneak" speedy back in. Kids areound here couldn't care less about anything you'd have to say.

Kids these days - sheesh.