Friday, July 14, 2006

Dehydrating Daddy

Our kids love apple chips and banana chips. Once in a while we buy some at one of the hoity-toity organic/whole grain/no msg added grocery stores. But yesterday, on our regular grocery run, The Princess announced that she wanted banana and apple chips. So we stocked up on fruit.

After slicing fruit for an hour, I had the kids help load up the dehydrator and we have been patiently waiting. OK, everyone except me. I managed to eat all of the apple chips we made yesterday. So this morning I sliced apples for another hour and now, seven hours later, we are ready to snack like kings. As a bonus I found a bag of cherries in the fridge, so I dehydrated them, too.

The food dehydrator doesn't come out very often, but it seems that we make lots of fruit and beef jerky once we start. Saturday I'm hoping to make some jerky before the machine goes into hiding in the garage again.

Edit: More info about my dehydrator on Amazon.

Just a couple of FYIs if anyone is looking for a dehydrator-

  • They aren't real expensive, but get one with an internal fan and temperature control, otherwise you have to rotate the trays so that everything dries evenly.
  • They are a pain to store, too big for kitchen cabinet doors, so our lives on a shelf in the garage.
  • Get one that you can add trays to later or run with just a few trays. Of course, then you have to store more trays...
  • Wal-Mart always has them in stock at their stores. I think that is where mine came from
  • And if you want to make AtHomeDaddy really happy, buy him one of these.


jen said...

What kind of dehydrator do you have, AtHomeDaddy? I never heard of those things before.

Anonymous said...

I always wondered if those dehydrators actually worked... I was often tempted to buy one because when they were little my kids loved dried fruit. Oh well, maybe in my next life.

Mike said...

I added some info, in case anyone wanted more info. That and I love me some hyperlinks.