Monday, July 17, 2006

Junkin' Journey 2

I'll keep the photos small, but you can click on the pic for a larger view.

The return from our second trip. The shelving was strapped down, but the composter was not, thanks to the sunroof. But having stuff piled on top is OK since we had stuff hanging out the rear of the Explorer, too.

The boy ended up getting three Tonka trucks. Which we power washed this morning.

Our neighbor's escaped white doves have been hanging out in our backyard. So they got a little something, too. Brand new, super score!

The composter. It needs a good power washing I think.

The satellite dish and shelving are on temporary display in my side yard. I just need the mounting bracket off of the dish, but I did not want to slow down the junkin' to remove it last night. The shelves will likely be in my garage or storage shed by nightfall. Don't worry, both have already been power washed.

A Yamaha A/V Tuner Amp. It powers up, but I don't know if it actually works.

Edit - It works like a champ. Have it hooked up in the living room right now.

I just can't pass up electronics when they are set out carefully with the remote. People who take that much care with their junk should win an award for making junkin' fun and easy. I don't think I'll power wash this one.

Somewhere along the way there was a treadmill, another Yamaha receiver, a TV/VCR combo, a hair dryer for The Boss Lady (that'll teach her for asking me to find something nice for her), some brand new 10' pine planks and 8' pressure treated 2x4s.

Overall, another high quality junkin' experience.


Anonymous said...

Have you power washed your kids yet?

People are really throwing this stuff out, or just leaving the garage door open?

Mike said...

Well you know,

The power washer was sitting right next to the blue chair and a cooler of beer. But the driveway was already clean looking, so I didn't think he would mind too much.

And I left most of his beer.