Saturday, July 22, 2006

Out with the old and in with the really old

So the bedroom carpet is gone. The master closet floor is no longer covered in 24 year old and we have adjusted pretty well to our newest project. In the next couple of weeks we will be ripping carpet out of the kid's rooms and closets. Then we will be a 100% hard floor family.

The bare concrete is not too bad. We ripped carpets up several years before we decided to tile the family room and common areas of the house. I am looking forward to getting rid off all of the remaining carpet. But the rest of the carpet will stay and I will strip each room one at a time.

And yesterday afternoon I drug home my own birthday present. I am going to start working my new boat pretty soon. It is not so much new as it is mine, though. In fact, it is older than I am by several years and it hasn't been registered to go on the water since I was 5 years old. Hopefully in a few months the family and I will be cruising the lake in old school style.

This picture was taken before I cleaned anything up. I spent several hours cleaning yesterday and it is already looking a lot better. This afternoon I started cleaning up the trailer. I need to add lights and get a couple of spots re-welded. Then I'll be trying to start up the old motor that hasn't been run in decades.

Big fun at the lake for us. Hopefully by next summer.


Rick said...

Happy Birthday. Congrat's on the new boat. Nice truck in the background.

jen said...

Happy Birthday! Getting rid of carpet is a good thing. With that Big White Dog, you'll be looking at a lot less fur and dander stuck in the carpet. Easier to clean, hopefully. Nice boat! Fresh water fishing rocks!

Oda Daddy said...

New boat!!! Kick ass!

Did you find it on the street somewhere? Powerwash it yet?

I wish I had a boat. :)


Mike said...

OD - You know it has been power washed.

Several times!

It was my uncle's parent's boat that they used a few times when he was a kid. Then it sat in an enclosed garage since at least 1984.

jd - yeah, pets and carpets don't mix.

Margaret said...

Going all hardwood here. (Slate in kitchen/bathrooms) Pets, kids... carpet just doesn't work anymore.