Tuesday, July 11, 2006

CRAZY, I tells ya

The Princess woke up from her nap and headed straight to the fridge for some 'nack. She was on a mission and she knew what she wanted. Trying to figure out what it was, almost pushed me over the edge...

"Daddy I want pumpkin.

Sorry honey, we don't have pumpkin. Do you want a banana?


Ooops, sorry baby, we are out of bananas. Do you want an orange or a peach.

I want pumpkin.

Sorry, no pumpkin, do you want something for snack?

I want pumpkin bread.

Sorry, no pumpkin bread either. Do you want something else?

No, just milk.

Cool. Here you go."

Then I walked out of the room and she chased me.

"Daddy, you forgot my peach.


I want a peach for 'nack.


So I sliced a peach and set it out for her.

"Where is my orange?

You wanted a peach.

No. I want an orange."

The peach goes down my gullet, and I peel an orange in double time.

"Here you go, an orange, just like you asked for, remember?

No. I want pumpkin bread, remember, Daddy?"


Anonymous said...

lol. pumpkin in July? i wonder where she got a taste for that in the summer? or maybe she just likes to say the word-- it is kind of a fun word when I think about it.

Mike said...

Well, we have pumpkins in the garden and one of them is even turning orange already, so she checks on it everyday.

It seems pretty funny now, but then I was ready to pull my flattop right off of my head.

Rob said...

Very, very funny Mike. Thanks for sharing that. It really cracked me up after a reeaallyy long day.

I still can't believe I'm actually encouraging my son to talk. And Ally may very well have an excellent point; right now, my son is calling everything in sight a duck. Over and over again. He clearly just likes the way the word sounds. I'm just happy he's not saying anything that rhymes with it.


Darth Daddy said...

Watch out - that's how most of the conversation with my wife go as well!