Thursday, July 27, 2006

Watermelon Surprise

The kids were playing in the yard this morning while I worked in the garden. The veggie garden is all but done for the season. I am leaving the tomatoes, eggplant and a few of the bean plants in the ground. Everything else has already died off from the daily 100 + degree heat.

This year my cucumbers were a total loss. Not a single bloom. The pumpkin vines were pretty, but we only had two pumpkins and they both rotted on the vine. The watermelons in the main garden were just as worthless.

After getting all of the plants and vines into the composter, I checked the watermelon vine that we planted in the kids garden. I was about to pull that vine up too, when I saw a small melon on the vine. Then I looked closer and there was one full grown and ripe 15 pound watermelon.

We picked it and sliced it right in the backyard. The kids chomped on fresh melon while I cut up a bowl full so that we could chill some in the fridge for a snack tonight.

Big time yummy.


Anonymous said...

man I am so jealous! This must mean you get real watermelons with seeds and everything! Around here for the past few years we've only gotten those little seedless ones. I wonder if I can order real ones on the internet...

Margaret said...

When you're done come weed mine over here. LOL! Just teasing. Ours did very well and are still kicking.. but the heat is getting the better of somethings like the green peppers. Sorry to hear about the cucumbers... I'd ship you some we had so many but I already made bread & butter pickles out of them. -Margie