Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My kid's clock is bigger than your kid's clock

Yesterday we brought home The Talker's Clock. This clock was given to The Boss Lady's grandfather many years ago. After his house was sold, it's hung in The Mother of the Bride's house for at least 20 years. She is moving and decided that the clock should move to our house.

It is a gorgeous clock. It is a huge clock. It used to hang in a train station in Dallas. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it, 14 years ago and I plan to take great care of it. You should have seen the pains we went through to get it hung just right in the living room.

But I will not be fooled into thinking that I finally own the grandfather clock I have wanted forever. Because it ain't mine. It is the boy's clock. His grandmother gave it to him, not me.

And some day, when he is settled, with his own family and 50 years old, he can come and get it. When I am done with it.


Ally Bean said...

that's a really pretty clock. i'm sure you'll enjoy it and perhaps senility will allow you to forget to tell the talker that it's his clock. ;-)

William Young said...

Hung that low on the wall, my boys would demolish it long before either could claim it as their own.

Mike said...

The clock is hung about 18 inches from the floor, but it is almost 7 feet tall, so that is about the higest we could hang it.

I am worried about that 100 year old leaded glass door, too, but we tucked it into a corner of the living room that does not see much foot traffic. And wrestling in the living room is now outlawed.