Friday, March 17, 2006

Annoying a car salesman in 3 easy steps

Earlier this week we sat down with a salesman at the Saturn store a few blocks from our house. And we laid out exactly what we wanted if we decided to buy a Vue. It had to have a V6, leather interior and it must have side curtain air bags. We also gave him one more bit of info that was mandatory. The new car could not be green.

I usually like green, but for some reason the green color of the Saturn Vue is hideous. I could never drive one in that color.

We also gave Mike the car seller some preferences. I wanted blue or black, but the other colors were OK, if the deal was right. And we wanted tan leather interior. But we might consider the gray leather later, if we got a bargain. We did not really want any other options, just a basic, safe new car.

Wednesday night we brought one home. By Thursday afternoon I told Mike that it was not the car for me. He agreed to find one with the paint and interior that we wanted. Two days of searching and he still could not round up the right car. He got close. Even traded for a car from east of Dallas and had it brought in today.

A nice blue V6 Vue with tan cloth interior. It has all of the options we wanted, without a bunch of others. It really is a gorgeous car.

That the dealership is getting stuck with.

In the end, I realized that tan interior would be filthy in no time. So we settled on grey. Then The Boss Lady and I agreed that the leather upgrade really wasn't worth the price. So we went back to the grey cloth seats. I guess we can buy some seat covers in a few years.

After walking the lot, searching for the right car with grey cloth interior, we ended up in the one I brought home Wednesday night! But I stood my ground; my new car is silver with grey interior, no hint of that awful green color anywhere on it.

Just like I wanted.


Anonymous said...

THAT was too funny. But I concur about the beige interior. The grey hides all the bits and pieces that kids inevitably bring into a vehicle. Congrats on your new car!

Mike said...

The grey is pretty light too, but surely more kid friendly.