Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ready to party?

The yard is ready. The house is almost ready. The barbecue grill still needs a good cleaning. But is all OK, because the truck is definitely ready.

Yeah, I could of spent the morning finishing the cleaning. But the truck wanted my attention, so now we are making a last minute rush to get finished with the cleaning before our party. Truthfully, I am blogging, The Boss Lady is cleaning. Because when she saw how I spent my morning, she said "That looks freakin' awesome."

Who cares what the friends think about our house or yard. The wife thinks my truck bumper is freakin' awesome.


jd said...

You know if the wife stopped cleaning to tell you it looks "freakin' awesome," it must really look great! Hope you have a great party!

shawn said...

hehe, I love your blog. WIsh you have a great party!