Friday, March 03, 2006

Goodbye old friend

I feel like I should say something meaningful and appropriate. That is what you do when someone who loves you dies, right? Well today it happened. One of my dearest old friends is dead and gone.

The new satellite receiver arrived on the big brown truck. As soon as the kids were down for nap time I tore into the living room to swap out receivers. Three minutes and we were all hooked up. After a quick call to Directv to get the new unit activated, life is back to normal. Heck, it is better than normal.

I have a sat receiver with functional buttons and a remote that works. Bonus, there are no teeth marks on the remote and everything is shiny and plastic-y smelling. And out of respect for my old sat unit, who put up a great fight for all these years, I plan to keep it that way.

Adios my little square buddy. I would tell you that you are going to a better place, and I would also say that I will never love the new receiver like I loved you. You were my first. But let's get real, my ass will be on the couch all weekend long and by the end of the next NASCAR race, you'll be a distant memory.

Buried with full honors? No way. You are heading for the dumpster. But at least after they plant you in the landfill, you won't have anyone chewing on your accessories for the 50 million years it takes you to return to dust.

This is what he looked like on his last day with us. Notice that I did not want to risk satellite TV withdrawal, so I cut the power cord right off. It was a lot easier than un-bundling all of the wires behind the entertainment center. To add insult to injury I dropped the dang thing and broke the card cover door off of it, when I was yanking it out of the entertainment center.


Kevin said...

Does yours have a DVR? Our new Dish Network tuner has one and I can't see how anyone could live without it, with or without kids.

Mike said...

No DVR but I could hook the new computer to the sat and have one big ass DVR. Do they make a DVR with 450 Gig hard drives?

jd said...

Geez, Mike! A computer and a new satellite receiver in the same day!? You're like a God among men!

Mike said...

Got a cell phone, too. Don't tell the mother in law, though, OK?