Monday, March 27, 2006

At least they didn't throw Dr Peppers

After yesterday's egg special, AtHomeDaddy thought the early morning cleaning chores were done for a while.


Take a case of Dr Peppers and a half case of bottled water; cram them into the little refrigerator in the garage. What kind of mess can you get out of that? One that takes a lot longer to clean up than an egg off of a 13 year old car.

I found four busted sodas on my first run to the Dr Pepper fridge of the morning. After one episode of The Wiggles and half of Sesame Street, I finally had the mess all cleaned up and could move on to Dr Pepper number 2.

And just in case I made the Dr Pepper gods mad, the diet sodas are no longer out there. One was a casualty of the blast, the other was poured down the kitchen drain. Take that Diet RC.

A note to anyone stocking the Dr Pepper fridge... Do not push the sodas to the rear of the fridge. If they sit against the back wall of the fridge, they will "get exploded all over the place", as The Talker would say.

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