Friday, March 31, 2006

Tire swings = more fun than a poke in the eye

The kids and I went to play at a neighbor's house this morning. They have a new tire swing that we have wanted to play with for a couple of weeks. Finally this morning our chance came to give the tire a whirl.

At some point during the playtime, The Talker snatched a broom that one of the other kids was playing with in the fort. When he went down the slide, with the broom in his hand, he got popped right in the eye with the broom handle. OUCH!

It took a while for him to want to open his eye. He ended up with just a little scratch on his upper eyelid. Might end up with a black eye out of the deal, too.

This was one of the scariest accidents I have seen on a playscape, ever. And after working with kids for 15 years, I have seen some doozies.

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