Friday, March 17, 2006

Car shopping

The time has come to say goodbye to our family transporter. The Windstar, aka The Windsuck, The World's Least Reliable Car or That G%& D#$( Piece of $%)* in the driveway, is going on to haunt a new family soon. We will be trading it in on something new, and hopefully soon. For the first time in a while, everything is working OK on the minivan, so it is time to swap.

The upgraded family hauler will likely be a V6 Saturn Vue with powertrain made by Honda. It is rated to get better gas mileage than the Honda Pilot, with the same powertrain and it cost several thousand less.

The holdup right now is that they can't seem to find one equipped like we want. Plus, the dealership is owned by the same family that owns the Ford dealership where we bought the Windsuck. The Ford guys treated us like garbage when the car started acting up and I swore I would not do business with them after the paint started peeling off of the car at 75K miles.

The salesman and the Saturn dealership manager know our backstory and we told them we would buy from them if the deal is right. We are currently waiting to see how seriously they take their "No Haggle" policy.

After all, it is their rule, not mine. They may not haggle, but I do. And after the crap we put up with at the Ford lot down the street, these guys better haggle, too.

11:00am Evidently "No Haggle" is not law at the Saturn store. They called with an offer this morning, but I sent them away. They wanted to deal on a fully loaded car, but we are not looking for all the features. Even if the bargain, it will likely still cost us more for this one. Not a good enough deal, yet.

12:15 The second offer came in a few minutes ago. I agreed to go look at this car in the morning. But one of our requirements is not on the car. We have told them that we want tan leather seats. The dealership is bringing in a car with all of the other features we want, but cloth seats. They better be giving this one away. Still not a good enough deal.

7:00pm Home from dinner and buying a Saturn Vue. More info in a little while


Ally Bean said...

nasty business getting a new car. just reading about your hassle causes my stomach to generate acid and tighten up.

good luck. may you soon be a Ford-less household. my prayers and thoughts are with you.

and for what it's worth, my in-laws all love their various Saturns. and i adore my Honda.

Mike said...

The Boss Lady has to keep driving her Ford for a few years. But it is a pretty good little car.

Will we ever own another Ford after it is gone? Highly doubtful. The Saturn people really took great care of us.