Friday, March 03, 2006

More Power!

For the last couple of years The AtHomeFamily has been regretting our last computer purchase. Well, no more.

Three times in the last year I have had to reformat the hard drive and start the computer over from scratch. For a while I was really good about making periodic backups to CDs. But after I added a new hard drive last summer I thought our problems were fixed. Since then I have had to format and start over once again.

I don't know what the problem was. And I don't care, either. That computer has been robbed of a couple of parts and loaded into the box for a Goodwill drop off later today.

We had lots of problems with it. I think it was because we cheaped out on it. The Boss Lady and I both had good computers at work, and our puny little HP at home was just not fast enough to keep us content. It had some cheap processor in it and a tiny fan installed that did not keep the guts cool enough. Even after I maxed out the RAM and added a huge new hard drive we still had problems.

Anyways, we have a new Gateway. And this bad boy is smokin'. Pentium D, 1G of RAM, XP Media Center, 300G Hard drive, 19" flat screen, TV tuner DVD burner, and a multiple media card reader. And unlike our last purchase, this bad boy runs quiet.

And a bigger bonus, I think the motherboard commited suicide on our old machine. It rebooted while I was sending some email and all I could get after that was the blue screen of death. But it is all good because I was able to pull all of my data off of the HP's hard drive.

I am a happy little boy, folks.

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