Sunday, March 05, 2006

Dry this on for size

Back in December we bought a gas dryer from a neighbor for $25. It is a huge machine, much larger than the gas dryer we bought new six years ago. But when we hooked it up, it sounded awful. Lots of screeching, grating and noises that just should not come out of a dryer.

I had visions of hooking up the second dryer, to speed up laundry service around here. But our old dryer must be mourning the death of his pal because it decided to quit working last week, too.

I ran to the laundromat one night and dried five or six loads of clothes. I hate the laundromat, but it is kind of nice to not wait for hours to get all of the laundry dried. 36 minutes, and I was on my way home.

Yesterday morning I decided to check the bigger dryer to see if I could make the noise stop. Once I got the thing torn apart, I found the problem. A three cent screw had worked loose from a roller and it was grinding on part of the motor. Since I had the entire thing apart, I put on a new roller and belt.

After getting it all buttoned up, and a couple of side trips to the hardware store for a new gas line and the right connectors, we are back in the laundry business.

Stay tuned to find out the fate of our old dryer.


Ally Bean said...

i always get a bit sentimental over old appliances. i'm with them everyday and then-- boom!-- they're gone. it seems sad to me.

(and also makes me wonder about my own sanity now that i'm reading what i just wrote. spring's coming soon, right?)

Mike said...

Old dryer is now safely in the custody of The Salvation Army. Just in case you were worried.