Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Good customer service? What a downer

Back in August, the dog ate my remote control that controls the whole world. OK, it only controls the TV, DVD player and the satellite connection, but there are days that these three things are the only things that matter in the whole world.

I bought a universal replacement remote, but it died an early death last week. No dogs involved this time. I cannot get the universal remote to control the satellite box. So all week I have kept the semi functioning original remote with the replacement. Combined, they could perform the most necessary functions.

Last night I decided to call our sat provider and ask/beg/plead to see if they would make me a deal on a new controller box and a remote. I was expecting a fight. Heck, truthfully I was looking for a fight, and I was coming armed with the facts. We have been subscribers for 5 years. $30 a month for 60 months. You do the math. I am sure that if you guys give away equipment to new subscribers and people who move, you can hook me up with a replacement.

And they did. No fight. No crying. No pleading. I did not even have to ask very nicely. Within 5 minutes, they had me set up to receive a new receiver and a receiver box remote controller in three days via Fed Ex. No fuss. No arguments.

Dang. Now I'll have to go fight with some other anonymous customer service rep. Maybe I'll call the gas company. Surely they would put up a good fight.

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