Monday, March 27, 2006

My son, my boy, The Crusher

My 8 year old leaf blower gave up the ghost this afternoon.  I wasn't even doing any yard work.  But the handle finally fell off completely.  It had been taped together for years.  When I looked it over, I could see at least three different types of tape, which means on at least three different occasions I had to stop working and try to patch this thing back together.

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The Talker was outside with me and he saw me heading to the trash can with the blower. "Hey Daddy, I have an idea...  Let's bust it up."  Now THAT is my boy.

So after 10 minutes in the rain, throwing a brick at our broken blower, we officially busted it up.   Need proof?

By the way, check out the look on the boy's face.  Is he worried that the blower might haunt him?  Or maybe it is a case of smasher's remorse. Dunno.


Anonymous said...

lol at smasher's remorse. i've always wanted to drive my car over my cell phone and see it get all busted up, but i suppose i'd end up with smasher's remorse.

Mike said...

I've had remorse for NOT smashing a cell phone, but I've never felt too bad about any of the four that I have destroyed over the years.