Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Mayor of the Block

This afternoon, after I got it all washed and shined up, the family drove the new car to a birthday party. 11 houses down the street. But only because the wife and kids were leaving straight from there to go to church. It had nothing to do with showing off the new car to the neighbors. I swear.

But since the other dads were there, and the new car was there, there was a little showing off of the new family hauler.

Around here, a new car brings everyone out. All of the neighborhood dads have to come check out the new car. And the guy with the new car gets quizzed for days about the car, the deal, the dealership. Everything about the car is fair game.

Having the newest car on the street is a big deal in this neighborhood. Until someone else buys, I have to bear the burden of being "The New Car Guy". So hand me the armor all and the wash bucket.

The Mayor almost got arrested.

I realized Saturday that I never checked the overhead bins on the windstar before we traded it in. I scrounged up a broken spare key. It would open the doors, but not start the ignition. Then I ran up to the Saturn lot Sunday afternoon. While I was standing there, getting my sunglasses out of someone else's car, a security guard started walking across the lot. I grabbed my stuff, threw the key in the glovebox and locked the van up tight.

Luckily we live in a pretty liberal city, so a guy with a record for breaking into cars can still be the Mayor of the Block

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