Sunday, March 26, 2006

Egging on the idiots

Last night the area teens must have been really bored. Based on the number of neighborhood cars that got covered in eggs and baloney slices, they must have used up all of their creativity in World Literature classes. Or maybe they are stressed out from cramming for the SATs or the fact that they did not get laid on Spring Break. Whatever.

I will admit that the eggs were annoying and likely ruined some paint jobs, but baloney? I had to laugh when we found a half dozen slices of baloney on the neighbor's two month old Prius. Who the heck slaps a car with baloney?

I am glad that we live at the end of the street. They only had one egg left by the time they got to our house. A direct shot on the Escort hit the driver's door. And by the time our neighbor told us about the scrambled mess all over the neighborhood, it was already cooking in the sun. So instead of getting dressed for church, I was out re-washing the wife's car that I just washed yesterday afternoon. Luckily I waxed it last weekend or the damage might have worse.

The best news of the whole deal was that they ran out of baloney and they left the truck alone. Maybe they felt sorry for my already trashed paint or they knew that tossing one at the truck would just be wasting good food. Food that could be hurled at something more worth while.

The wife is glad that the new car was safe and sound in the garage. But I am mostly glad that the truck came through unharmed.

No baloney.

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Darth Daddy said...

Better for them to throw eggs and meat than to break out windows, like what's been going on in a nearby city here.

If it had been me, seeing an old "work in progess", I'd have been tempted to leave a sandwich instead!