Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fishing fun for everyone, or me at least

The weekend's fishing has been a success, even if most of the fish I caught were throwbacks, perch and small catfish. After two days I only kept one fish, a really nice black drum that will sit very nicely on my dinner plate this evening.

The most exciting fishing of the weekend happened Saturday afternoon, when I caught a 4 foot long black tip shark. Since I was by myself and I like my fingers, I set the black tip loose as quick as possible. This morning I caught a small stingray. It was pretty cool to check out, but like the shark, I set it free as quick as possible.

The kids and I will probably do a little more fishing this evening and then call it a weekend.


Darth Daddy said...

That drum is a pretty big fish. Can only imagine the thrill of hooking a shark(and releasing, of course).

I grew up lake fishing - Walleye was the tasties I ever caught. Always dreamt of the day I'd hook a muskie though.


Mike said...

That wasn't the drum I caught, I don't usually carry the camera when I fish by myself. Too bad, cause I would have loved a picture of that shark.