Friday, September 22, 2006

Ready to Zoom-Zoom

Early on Saturday a couple of friends and I are heading to Zoom-Zoom Live, a Mazda test drive program that is making a tour stop in Dallas. We have to be there near 8am. It is a 3 1/2 hour drive without stops. That early in the morning I'll be needing a Dr Pepper stop, so we are leaving somewhere near 4 in the morning. The boys are in for a treat, my early morning driving skills will surely keep them awake.

This afternoon I detailed the Saturn. Actually, the drive was just a good excuse. I am tired of driving a V6 powered trash pile, so the car was getting cleaned anyways.

My ride is shiny and clean now and for at least a few weeks few weeks, the kids are cut off from eating in the car.

A side note: I was checking fluids and admiring the shiny engine compartment when I noticed a big chunk of rubber laying loose near the windshield. When I looked closer at it, I realized it is a baseball sized chunk of a truck tire. I saw, and heard, it hit the car on our trip to Ft Worth, earlier in the week. It scared crud out of me.

Glad it wasn't a rock, or our windshield would have needed more than Windex this afternoon.

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