Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The long road home

Every time we drive to or from Pop's house, we go the same way. It is a nice easy cruise mostly through the country. Yesterday we got an hour and a half into the trip and I detoured off of the regular route. I figured we were adding some time to our drive, but we could see something new in Texas.

And we found it. In Sheridan we found a small family owned water park,Splashway Family Waterpark. And the crowd did not look too bad for mid morning on Labor Day, so we decided to try it out.

The Talker was able to master every activity they offered, even the biggest slide in the place. The Princess loved floating around on a tube in the river that circled past all of the other areas. They had a live DJ who was playing music that kept the kids entertained the entire time.

This little place was spotless, The Disney parks could learn about keeping a park clean from these guys. Everything was reasonably priced and they will let families bring in picnics. An awesome three hour detour.

In the end we added about an hour to our drive time, but the kids had so much fun at the waterpark that they were worn out for the rest of the trip.

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