Thursday, September 21, 2006

Riding the rails and the roads

The AtHomeTrio made it home from a few days at The Queen Mother's house this afternoon. Nothing too exciting to report on our trip. And that is great because that means no one got sick and no one went to the emergency room. Yeah for us!

While we were in Ft Worth I planned to drive the kids to Dallas to ride the light rail trains but Dad had a better idea. We hopped the commuter rail train in Ft Worth and rode to Dallas.

We were going to grab lunch and play for an hour and a half before boarding for our return trip. But by the time we got to downtown Dallas, the kids were tired, so we grabbed a quick snack in the train station and hopped back on the train. All told, we went about 60 miles on the train in 2 hours. The trains were nice two story cars, so the kids had a great view from the upper deck seats. Plus, it was not crowded at 10 am, so we did not disturb any commuters.

The rest of our time at Mom and Dad's we hung out at the house. Big fun for the kids since they have different toys to play with and for me, since grandparents make pretty good stay at home dad pinch hitters when I go down with a big time migraine.

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