Saturday, September 09, 2006

Where were you 4018 days ago?

The Boss Lady and I were getting hitched. Married. Joined in Holy matrimony. All that romantic crap.

Made even more special by the breath freshener spray I shot up my nose right before I kissed the bride. And the bloody nose I got running to the car after the reception.

Good times.

11 years. 2 kids. 2 more college degrees. 6 addresses, including 1 summer living in a tent trailer and 2 years in a basement apartment. 2 cats. 3 dogs. 6 different cars. 1 minivan. 1 SUV. 2 trucks. 1 boat.

It's been a hell of a ride. And I bet the next 11 years will be pretty interesting, too. At least I know it won't be a boring trip.

Hey Boss Lady, CBH and thanks for the fun.

1 comment:

Idaho Dad said...

Happy Anniversary!

Your breath freshener story reminded me of the night before my wedding when I had a severe asthma attack. Haven't had one since... 16 years of marriage!