Sunday, September 24, 2006

Glad that is out of my system

The Mazda Zoom-Zoom Live was a blast. Speeding around in borrowed cars rules! And I proudly wear my nametag with one corner chopped of.

The staff would clip a corner of your nametag if you were driving too aggressively on a track. Two corners clipped and they would send you home.

Anyways, I wiped out a row of cones in a MazdaSpeed 6 Sport. All wheel drive, dynamic stability control and a turbo charged beast of an engine. But I still managed to almost spin the car. COOL!

Besides that, the MX5 is a fun little car. The RX8 is too cramped to enjoy and the Mazda 3 is not as much fun to drive as the CX-7

By the way, that is me driving the MazdaSpeed 6 Sport in the picture. Check out that pineapple shirt!


Anonymous said...

Well, I must say that I feel very responsible for you running over the cones and getting you tag cut! It seems one time you drove my '73 and nearly had something else cut! Those days were strange....Mr. Sanders, this isn't your car is it???

Mike said...

God that '73 was a fun car. I might even give up my license to get to drive it again.

Thanks for getting me in trouble.