Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well, I did not see that one coming...
I got replaced by a robot!

The Boss Lady has mentioned getting a new rug for our living room a couple of times lately. Since it is a pretty big room with tile floors, it is nice to have a big area rug near the couches. But the big rugs are either expensive or ugly or both expensive and ugly. So we have gone without one for a while.

This weekend she saw a rug that she liked in a Kohl's add. And it was on sale for half price. So off to the department store we went this evening.

As soon as we walked into the store I knew something was up. We have looked at rugs in there before but the wife was heading to the opposite side of the store. She just bought shoes, so I wasn't sure why we were stopping between footwear and small appliances. Then she told me "I want to look at a vacuum they have on sale."

Turns out, she really wanted to check out the Roomba vacuums. So after I offered my sincere opinion about the futility of a little round robot battling the accumulated crud in our house, and made one smart-assed comment about the number of truck parts we could buy for the same money, the Roomba went right into the basket. We got the rug, too. Would not want the Roomba to get bored just cleaning tile and concrete floors, now would we?

So tonight we sit here, mesmerized by the little round machine that is getting a job done that I should have finished some time last week. And the week before... But this way is a lot more entertaining because the pets don't know what to think about the Roomba. One cat runs, one cat stares and the dog just looks annoyed.

After watching this thing go for an hour, I am assuming it was invented by a stay at home dad. Who else would understand the need for a vacuum to have a remote control. Besides, what other cleaning products can you use while sitting on the couch watching Sports Center and drinking a cold brew?

If we get bored with the Roomba, we can always get a costume for it. Or we can hack into it and try to take over the world. Or at least this end of the street. The batteries might need to be recharged too often for an all out assault on the neighborhood.

You know, I really wanted to make fun of The Boss Lady for buying the Roomba. I really did, I SWEAR! But it really is cool AND, technically, I bought it. They were giving 20% if you opened up a new credit account. Since she already had an account, the wife was ineligible for the discount. So I got the new credit line, the rug and the vacuum. Yeah for me!

Now get out of my way, I have to go vacuum. 'Cause Sports Center is only on for three more hours tonight and my drink is getting warm.

Edit: Should I take it personally that on the first run of the Roomba, it eventually gave up in the kitchen? The collection bin and brushes were full and the status light on the robot was flashing yellow, which indicated that it abandoned it's cleaning mission.

Damn. Our damn house is so damn dirty that a damn robot won't even clean it.
Guess I'll get out the mop and a damn broom.

Right after Sports Center and another beer.


Ally Bean said...

This is so cool. I've not known anyone who has one of these things, so I'm very impressed (and happy to hear that it works).

I don't much like Sports Center and beer, but I could watch MSNBC and drink a Sprite while it ran around our house, couldn't I? I wouldn't mind being replaced at all.

Mike said...

Sprite is OK, but I'll have to check with the Roomba and make sure that it would not insist that you watch Fox News...