Sunday, September 10, 2006

Home repairs suck

This place is falling down around us, so it must be time to move. A week ago it rained. And water got into the phone lines. So we have been without reliable phones since then. But I really could care less, as long as the DSL line is still running.

So tonight the DSL crapped out. I spent an hour finding the problem. A bad phone jack, across the house from where I thought our phone problems are. And to add to the fun, there IS water getting into the phone line. But evidently not from rain.

The bad phone jack is inside the same wall as the water lines that serve our clothes washer. Crap. Crap. Crapity crap.

So either one of the water lines or the drain is leaking inside the wall. Either way, it should be a lot of fun inside there.

But instead of trying to round up the parts and pieces we need tonight, I just drug some cords across the house to get my DSL operational again.

But now that blogging is finished and the email has been checked, I guess it is time to bust out the drywall saw.

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Anonymous said...

water and phone lines don't like each other. we used to live in a place where whenever it rained the phone line got all crackly sounding. But that was before we had dsl so it wasn't as vital.

More recently our phone service started getting very staticky, and the dsl would go on and off. It was driving me crazy. Turns out that those d*** squirrels were chewing through the wire -- you'd think they'd be happy getting all the stuff they destroy in our yard, but no. Phone guy told me that the stuff they used to wrap the wires in turns out the squirrels really like to chew on. They've come up with a different wrapping that squirrels apparently aren't so fond of, so far no problems.

Good luck with your project.