Thursday, September 28, 2006

I've got neighbors in high places

A couple of mornings back, the kids and I were headed downtown. But as we pulled out of the driveway I noticed a neighbor's garage door up, but her car was not in the garage. I was worried that she had driven off to work and forgotten to close her garage door.

So I checked to make sure she wasn't home and then I tried to get her garage door to close. Turns out it was seriously out of adjustment and would only close for a second and then it would pop right back open.

But like good suburban neighbors, I only knew this neighbor's name. I had no clue how to get in touch with her. Heck, I did not even know her last name.

All through the day I kept an eye on the open garage without anything exciting happening. When the neighbor got home the kids and I wandered over there to see if I could help her get the garage door working. And with the help of one of my buddies, we got it working just fine in only a few minutes.

When talking to the neighbor I found out that she works at one of the biggest advertising firms in town. This afternoon, when I went out to check the mail, I almost tripped over a stack of magazines. The neighbor brought us a load of sports magazines, cooking mags, kid and family magazines and even a couple of women's mags for The Boss Lady, I guess.

The kids are in heaven and now I think we will have to get a subscription to Nick Jr Magazine. And me? I curled up with a copy of this week's Sports Illustrated this evening while watching Auburn beat up on South Carolina. Laying around in my drawers, watching football and reading SI. Now I really feel like a MAN!

But I admit it. I am a little bit sad that there were not any magazines about robotic house cleaning.

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Anonymous said...

nice that the neighbor took the time to thank you. a stack of mags like that would be lots of fun.