Saturday, October 27, 2007

$13 a year for wedding ring rental and maintenance?

isn't too bad is it?

I figure it this way, A dozen years ago, The Boss Lady To Be and I spent a whopping $88 on my wedding band. I wore it continuously for somewhere near 12 years and 5 weeks. I only took it off for a few days last year and we spent less and $20 to get it re-sized. Seems like some skinny guy used to wear it. And the fat guy wearing my skin did not like the ring cutting off his circulation...

Today I replaced the missing ring with a new silver band from James Avery.

The only other jewelry I ever wear is a silver acorn pendant that I have had since college. It came from the same store, so it should be a good match for my new $50 band.

All told, The Boss Lady is into my rings about $160. And considering that it is ME she is keeping, some might say it is money well spent. And all the rest of you guys can just be quiet.



LOL! You got off EASY this time! My uncle lost his ring years ago & my aunt still doesn't let him forget it.

Love Bears All Things said...

Just be careful!!
Mama Bear