Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Is that your dad?

This is a question that The Princess hears every school day. Some kid will see me outside with a group of kids and will jump in to ask. Since I am working at the school, the kids see a lot of me, but not always with The Princess at my side.

Tomorrow The Talker will start hearing that more often, I bet. I will be spending the morning helping out with some landscaping right outside his kindergarten class. So the boy is bound to notice The Princess and I hanging around the kindergarten wildflower area. Why oh why don't they just call it the KINDER-GARDEN?

How did I get rooked into this? It is all about Marge. They want Marge to be up there to help haul brush and trash to the dumpsters across campus. And never wanting to miss on a chance to show off Marge, I agreed to help out.

Also, next week I am planning to help chaperone the first field trip of the year. Since I don't have to plan the trip or organize the transportation, I have no idea where we are headed. But I bet we will have fun while we are there.

And in other family news, the dog is still alive, the wife isn't pregnant and the cars are not in the shop. I think that about covers it.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the dog's not dead! Whew! It's nice that you do so much with the kids, Mike. Trust me, they'll remember.

KC said...

Marge saves the day! :)