Thursday, October 25, 2007

Giving in to the lazy

The Talker has asked to be dropped off at school, instead of having to suffer the highest of kindergarten indignities, being walked to class by dad. And little sister. Oh the shame.

The school has a drop off line. The 5th grade Safety Patrol help open the car doors and wish each student a welcome to school and then remind parents to drive slowly on campus. I guess it is a good system. But I am worried about using the drop off lane on a regular basis.

Not because The Talker can't handle walking from the driveway to his class. His is the third class inside the building. By now he could find it while sleep walking. I know I have...

And that is the point. When I walk the boy to class, I have to be dressed and I must to have gotten the girl dressed, too. But I bet I could get through the drop off lane in my pajamas.

Even on the days we walk in, I don't worry too much about how I look, what is the dress code for work as a stay at home dad, anyways,but I do give in to peer pressure and try to have The Princess dressed and her hair brushed out.

Now that The Talker wants to use the lazy-dad's lane, I bet The Princess and I are heading to school in 'jamas and without even thinking about a hair brush by the end of next week. Three days a week we have to get dressed for her school, but not until after we get home from elementary school drop-off.

So thanks to the boy having a great idea and letting me further my lazy dad image in the neighborhood.


Terry said...

Just when you think you have exhausted all laziness opportunities..... Way to go Talker!

Love Bears All Things said...

I used to pull that pj thing to and then one day my car seemed to be low on gas. I prayed that I would make it home without running out and promised never to go out in my night wear again. Now I try to be prepared for an emergency: coats and shoes thrown in even if I don't actually wear them.
Mama Bear
Oh and standard outfit for a stay at home parent is whatever makes you comfortable.

Ginger said...

Oh, on the days I don't have to be at work early I just throw on jeans and whatever and go (to carline). I brush my teeth but not my hair.

Darren said...

I've gotten out of bed, put on whatever clothes are closest, and walked Clare to the bus stop. It's only the neighbors.