Friday, October 12, 2007

Chillin' like villians listening to Bob Dylans

He lasted longer than I thought he would. It took more than a month, but The Talker finally succumbed to the germ-fest that is elementary school. The Princess went to work with The Boss Lady this morning, so he and I are hanging at home, fighting off the remnants of a fever.

My goal for the day is simple. Not TOO much Play Station 2 time for The Talker. After all, he is sick and he needs to save his energy. For watching TV. And napping.

What else are you supposed to when you are a 5 year old with a fever? Seriously. I have no idea what to do with a sick school-aged kid. I even had to ask The Boss Lady if I should call the school. Turns out that I should have, but she already had done it...

So The Talker and I are headed for Star Wars/Lego Land/Cars the Movie Zone (AKA his bedroom). I guess we will start playing in there and see what happens later.


The Father of Five said...

Ya know what I do for a sick 5 year old??

Pretty much let them do what they want.

They want TV - Ok.
They want Xbox - Ok.
They want to nap - Ok.
They want to read - Ok.

They want to set fire to the house and eat all the cookies and candy - Not Ok (Hey, I have to have SOME limits.... don't I??)

Heck, it's only a day or two... That's how I look at it.

Anonymous said...

I agree. When we were sick, we had to do our homework (not a worry for a 5 year-old, I hope), and then we just watched movies and played nintendo. Too bad the Talker is sick. I hope he's better real soon!

Mike said...

I am going with your style, father of five. We are trashing the house, but we are having fun and NOT infecting anyone else.

Jen, He seems to be on the mend already, but his 3 pack a day sounding cough has got to go!