Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pack this!

I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but repetition never stopped me from telling a story...

The most useful job I ever had was loading freight into the belly of airplanes. Sad, isn't it.

Anyways, loading the plane was pretty straightforward. Take the boxes and make them all fit into the plane. The trick? Trying to fit square and rectangle boxes into a space with no flat surfaces. The plane walls and floor curve. Something about aerodynamics... So you have to get creative in how you stack everything in there.

And why does this skill I learned 17 years ago help in my present day life? Because who else do you know that could pack everything needed for an almost week long road trip into the trunk of a VW Beetle? There is even space to spare, without having anything in the passenger compartment. I am the pack master. BOW TO ME!

Heck, I was able to load everything so efficiently, that I decided I had room for a co-pilot. Yeah buddy! Maria will be making this trip, too.

I have been unintentionally hoarding Maria for a while. I just haven't had a good chance to pass her back off to The Law Talking Guy since he hid her in our shower while we were gone on a weekend trip. So instead of leaving her in his yard, Maria will be making some emailed appearances at his house (and maybe his office) first. I bet he would love to have a picture of Maria crossing the Mississippi river for his wallpaper.


Ginger said...

I was surpised by the lovely Maria this afternoon when I went outside to check on the kids. They were in the other garage using the dry-erase board. Maria was sitting in the back of the Chevy Truck for all the world to see. Thanks, Mike.

Love Bears All Things said...

Hey, is it legal to drive around with her in your car? Besides being R rated, isn't she distracting to other motorists?
Mama Bear

The Father of Five said...

Hey AtHomeDaddy - just curious - is Maria still being passed around?!?!