Friday, October 05, 2007

F this!

Today is The Princess' Show and Tell Day. And I think I'll blame my horrendous night's sleep on our inability to settle on an item that fully represents the letter F.

Since there are 8 other girls in the class, we skipped over the easiest choice, a flower from the yard. I also decided against sending the girl with a baggie full of flour. No need to be investigated by Child Protective Services today. Fart in a jar also didn't make the cut.

See what happens when I work on too little sleep?

So our final choices? Flanders or a flashlight. I'll leave it to you to decide which one actually made the trip to school.


Anonymous said...

I'm laughing here. Either choice is good, of course-- but being the practical person that I am, I'm guessing that the flashlight made it to school.


If you chose Flanders, then it's definitely a sign of the times when 'The Simpsons' are a source of inspiration for the kids school projects. :o)

Darren said...

I think I would have gone with the flashlight. That or she could have gone to school wearing fur.