Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why I needs me some wedding ring

Yesterday we replaced my lost wedding ring. Several people commented about not needing a ring to signify the marriage. And though that is true, not wearing a wedding ring just does not work for me. I had just about rubbed a raw spot on my ring finger where my old ring used to rest.

When we got married, we had the pastor stop the wedding and we brought the kids down front to the altar/stage. The pastor then did a children's sermon about the importance of marriage vows and the special significance of wedding rings. The only picture displayed in our house from the wedding is of that moment, with the kids all sitting near the bride, looking up at her in awe. In that moment I realized that I was lucky enough to to get to wear my about-to-be-wife's ring.

Add to that the time my wedding ring kept me from breaking a finger. I was moving a washing machine into our first apartment. I got my hand stuck between the washer and the wall. And though many guys have lost fingers due to catching a wedding band on something, I still think the ring kept me from breaking my finger. Almost instantly my knuckle swelled several times it's normal size and my ring would not slide over it for a month or more. So it was stuck in place. Until I finally got it re-sized last fall, it was a tight fit over that knuckle.

True, if I hadn't been wearing it, maybe my knuckle might not have swollen and stayed sore to this day. Maybe though,it really is metaphor for our marriage. Sometimes the things that are right take some effort and it might hurt a little.

Or maybe it should just be a reminder for me to take off my wedding band before moving heavy appliances. Either way, I like the new one and I still know that I am lucky to be wearing it.


Anonymous said...

Did the new one come it yet? It looks nice!

Mike said...

Yep. They had it in stock in the correct size, so I wore it out of the store like a new pair of shoes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, AtHomeDaddy. You're worth the work, too. Besides, Princess thinks it's beautiful. She and the Talker have asked a lot of important questions about what it means to be married lately. Just like Brother Mike said in the ceremony, it's more than a pretty dress and fancy clothes. Marriage is a promise. Thanks for keeping ours!

Leighton @ My Best Investments said...

Glad to hear that Boss Lady's property is properly marked once again.

Love Bears All Things said...

Great post. You are a romantic man. But maybe you should remove it when working.
Mama Bear