Friday, January 09, 2009

Fair weather fans and migraines

The Talker should go to Vegas. If only he could make his picks a little sooner. (That's a pun. And my brain hurts too much to laugh, so work with me, OK?)

See, he decided months ago that he would like to see The University of Okie-homer in the National Championship game. So most of the football season I have had to listen to Sooner Nation channeling itself through my kid. He shut up for a while after UT beat OU. But not for too long. Because he is a real fan!

Anyways, we let him watch the first few possessions of the game last night. And during OU's first series, he saw something that disturbed him greatly. Poor offense? Scared QB? Really cool hand signs from the other team? Dunno.

Whatever. He looked at me and said "Dad, I have been hearing a lot about Tim Tebow and I think they will win. So I am a Florida Gators fan. CHOMP!" And with that, he headed to bed. This morning there is much celebrating in The Talker's World.

But he having to do it quietly since I am going on the second day of a brain buster. Thanks to the Queen Mother for the genetic freak show. But you really did not have to pass down the headaches, you know?

While I was in the shower, (sorry to start your day with such an image), trying to quit seeing quadruple, I realized two things. One, I am not driving the carpool today! That is good for everyone on the roads around Austin. Two, I have already agreed to help out in a classroom at the preschool this morning. I feel guilty for skipping work yesterday, so I will gut it out and pray that the kids are calm and quite. Oh freakin' joy!

So the boy is a Gator after all, my head hurts and it is 7AM in the morning and OU still sucks!

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