Monday, January 26, 2009

We are good!

The Princess and I like to brag about our Mondays. And this post will not end that trend.

On Mondays we do not have school AND I do not drive the carpool. So we sometimes rush around to get out of our pajamas by the crack of afternoon. Yep. Mondays=good times.

Unfortunately I also seem to remember that The Talker needs more lunch money dropped off at school on Mondays. So about once a month we have to break out real clothes and hit the road before The Talker's 11:15 lunch time. This morning did not end that trend.

The girl and I headed to the school at 8:30, missing the drop-off rush and avoiding the early lunch chaos. On the way home we bought and installed new windshield wipers in The Boss Lady's car AND hit up the grocery store. We were back home and in front of the TV by 9:05.

Ahhhhhhhh! Monday!

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